We would like to extend our thanks, gratitude, and appreciation of the following people for their help in making the Festival a wonderful success:

The English Department plans and advises the Festival every year; and their advice and creativity make it the wonderful event it is.

This year Professor Nicole Stamant coordinated the state-wide writing contest in four genres: poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and dramatic writing.

Thank you to the judges who selected the finalists for the contest: Crystal Boson for poetry; William Boyle for short fiction; Anya Groner for creative non-fiction; and Jacqueline Goldfinger for one-act plays.

Many thanks also go to Julia Lutgendorf and Nicholyn Hutchinson of the Office of Marketing and Communications for their help with design, social media, and marketing

Special thanks to Professor Alan Grostephan for his stewardship of the Writers’ Festival Practicum. And especially to the students in the practicum: Natalie Martinez, Anastasia McCray, Eva Rosen, Naomi Smith-George, and Jillian Speck who edited the magazine; Maya McKenzie and Anastasia Rogers, the design editors; Abigail Biles, Bailey Cochran, and Brittany Gilliland, the marketing consultants; Ellaree Yeagley who created the cover art.

I would also like to express gratitude to the Center for Writing and Speaking for hosting the reading for Agnes Scott’s contest finalists on Tuesday.

Special thanks to Susan Dougherty  in the Office of Faculty Services.

And Demetrice Williams Senior Director of Special Events and Community Relations, without whom we are nothing. This year she has been ably assisted by Shakeyla Ingram and Kanisha Dennis.

We would also like to extend special thanks the facilities, dining hall, and custodial staffs.

Thank you also to our guest authors Claudia Rankine, Patrick Phillips, and Kayla Miller, who hosted workshops, selected the contest winners, and gave amazing presentations of their work. Additional thanks to Patrick Phillips, who instructed a creative non-fiction course during the week for Agnes Scott students.

Finally, thank you to each student, finalist, and guest in attendance at the events. We appreciate your support and look forward to hosting you again for next year’s Festival.


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